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Within my family I have always had the fortune of loving and learning from so many creative people. I have had the opportunity to witness a multitude of talents and skills among them; it was difficult not to be interested in a wide variety of hobbies. My father is an aeronautical engineer who loves all sorts of gear and finding out what makes them all tick. My mother majored in film and went to college in Europe; where I was born. We always had a camera in the house and because of it, we have dozens of albums and home videos we still enjoy today. Three years after college, I decided to pick up a camera myself. Initially, I enjoyed making the typical photo collages and home videos, but that amusement quickly turned to a strong passion that led me to pursue more about the craft. Admittedly, I became a little bit of a tech-nerd. A few short years later, I finally had the courage to film my siblings' weddings. After those personal experiences, I began studying more about editing and honing other skills necessary to make film. Since then, I have accrued not only the knowledge needed to improve my productions, but a significant arsenal of professional equipment to assist in turning those dreams into reality. It slowly but surely evolved into Maku Cinematic Productions; my first part-time attempt at paving a digital media career path. Fast-forward a few years, I had found a stable position as a project manager with a wonderful company. It was a full-time office job with a decent salary. It seemed to be the right - and safest - road, but I wasn't happy. My wife and I then had the joy of welcoming our second child and I realized that something needed to change. After some tough decisions, and a supportive wife, we decided to take the plunge and do what we love (I say we because my wife is very creative herself). And so, The Media Kraken was born! Why the Kraken? Very simply, it is my son's favorite animal and I wanted him to get as excited as I was when he saw the logo that I created. In short, I am here doing what I love and ready to help you bring your creative thoughts to life. Wether, its videography, photography, graphic design, or any other media needs I am here to help!

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To strive for professional yet creative ways that will represent and express your business, your vision and your story.

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We are always excited to start a new project because it is a new opportunity to share our creativity. With every film we produce, we take time and pride in sharing your story. Each moment we film has a purpose and we want you to feel that sense of importance as well. 

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